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Matt Peacock is an award-winning journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, where he has worked for a wide range of TV and radio news and programs. He has been chief political correspondent for current affairs radio in Canberra, as well as foreign correspondent in London (2001-2003), Washington (1990-1992) and New York (1993).

Matt began his career in 1973 as a trainee with Australia’s first TV current affairs program, This Day Tonight, before joining the ABC Radio National’s Science Unit, where he produced a pioneering radio series on the asbestos industry.

For many years Matt worked for the prime-time radio current affairs radio programs AM, The World Today and PM, specialising in politics, environment and science.  For seven years he also reported from outback Australia, specialising in rural and remote issues including Aboriginal affairs, founding the TV production house Remote Area Media.

More recently he authored a book on the former Australian asbestos manufacturer James Hardie, Killer Company (HarperCollins, 2009), which is now a dramatic mini-series Devil’s Dust.

Matt has contributed articles for a range of newspapers, magazines and books and is Adjunct Professor of Journalism with Sydney’s University of Technology (UTS).

Matt can be contacted at: matt.peacock@abc.net.au

Buy the latest edition of “Killer Company”:

COVER PHOTO by Susan Gordon-Brown. On set with the Banton brothers in Devil’s Dust Joseph Ber (Ted), Anthony Hayes (Bernie ), Matt Peacock, Khan Chitenden (Bruce)


3 thoughts on “About Matt

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  2. Congratulations on Devil’s Dust, an honest interpretation and presentation of the sad saga of corporate spin documented in Killer Company

  3. I enjoyed watching the series “Devil’s Dust” immensely, perhaps enjoy is not quite appropriate here since I actually go so very angry with Hardie’s company.
    Well done Matt and the ABC we need journalists like you in the field who are so willing to persist and pursue to ensure that the truth is out. Brilliant actors as well.

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