Matt Peacock’s asbestos stories:

New asbestos agency to grapple with ‘third wave’ victims, “AM’ ABC Radio, 4/9/12

Government to eliminate asbestos hazard from Australia, “PM” ABC Radio, 4/9/12

Canberra to oversee asbestos removal, “The World Today” ABC Radio, 4/9/12

Calls for Canada to ban asbestos exports to India, “AM” ABC Radio, 19/7/12

ASIC wins High Court battle over James Hardie directors, “PM” ABC Radio 3/5/12

High Court rules directors of asbestos company mislead, “The World Today” ABC Radio 3/5/12

Asbestos victims claim some justice in James Hardie ruling, “7.30” ABC TV, 3/5/12

Fundraising walk to highlight asbestos cancers in young Australians, “AM” ABC Radio 1/5/12

Plimer launches kids’ climate sceptic book, “PM” ABC Radio, 13/12/11

Asbestos history repeating, “Correspondents Report”, ABC Radio, 13/11/11

India’s asbestos use booms, aided by Canadian exports, “PM” ABC Radio, 8/11/11

Indian asbestos, “Breakfast”, ABC RN, 8/11/11

Toxic Trade, “Foreign Correspondent”, ABC TV, 8/11/11

Compensation for Perth man who played in Hardies asbestos waste, “PM” ABC Radio, 26/10/11

NSW Government accused of stalling on asbestos issue, “AM” ABC Radio, 12/8/11

James Hardie directors cleared,”7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 17/12/10

Ombudsman slams Government on abandoned asbestos mine, 7.30 Report, ABC TV, 17/11/10

‘Yes it is unethical but it is not my fault’, Annual Forum, Deakin University in association with ABC Radio National’s “Life Matters”, 30/10/09

Asbestos compensation fund dwindles, “7.30 Report” ABC TV, 26/10/09

Asbestos carpet underlay report draws angry reaction, “7.30 Report” ABC TV, 25/8/09

James Hardier asbestos in carpet underlay, “7.30 Report, ABC TV, 24/8/09

James Hardie, Killer Company, “Breakfast”, ABC Radio National, 25/8/09

Killer Company: James Hardie Exposed, “Breakfast” ABC Radio National 24/8/09

James Hardie directors banned, “PM” ABC Radio, 20/8/09

James Hardie directors sentenced, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 20/8/09

Landmark decision in James Hardie case, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 27/4/09

Abandoned asbestos mine causes community outrage, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 13/8/08

Tributes flow for Bernie Banton, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 27/11/07

Asbestos victims missing vital treatment, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 29/8/07

ASIC prosecutes James Hardie, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 15/02/07

Mundine’s hometown asbestos legacy, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 28/06/06

James Hardie compo deal in doubt, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 26/06/06

Asbestos blights Aboriginal Community, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 9/3/05

James Hardie strikes “largest personal injury deal”, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 21/12/04

James Hardie compensation deal closer, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 8/12/04

James Hardie compo fund applies to wind up, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 25/11/04

Hardie waste disposal questioned, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 1/11/04

Bankruptcy shadows asbestos foundation, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 25/10/04

Asbestos compensation talks ‘encouraging’, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 19/10/04

Asbestos victims continue compo fight, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 29/9/04

Hardie found to be “misleading” and “deceitful”, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 21/9/04

James Hardie executives accused of fraud, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 28/7/04

James Hardie faces heat for heading offshore, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 14/0604

James Hardie accused of evading asbestos liability, “7.30 Report”, ABC TV, 13/11/03