What they say…

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

“Inspirational… it leaves a lump in your throat”
“… a modern day industrial catastrophe… far exceeds any natural disaster in our nation’s history… it should never be forgotten”

“Every corporate management course in this country… every place where business professionals are trained should have this book as essential reading”

Paul Redmond, Sir Gerard Brennan Professor of Law, University of Technology, Sydney

“A terrific read. A great, sad story told with clarity, force and sophistication”

Greg Combet, AM, Federal Minister, former Secretary, Australian Council of Trade Unions

“A great book… easy to read and accessible… chronicles in great detail an awful piece of business history… an extremely important contribution to our industrial and labour movement history… a must read”

Bob Debus, MP, former NSW Attorney General

“demonstrates chillingly just how carefully, ruthlessly and successfully Hardie’s worked to remake their image… the whole PR industry should have a read… and then have a good long think about their professional ethics”

“we need to be permanently vigilant against the kind of cover up and grotesque evasion of corporate responsibility that… Matt has described so brilliantly”

“There has rarely been a time in the history of Australian journalism when one man has had such a singular role in exposing a great national scandal”

Robert Vojakovic, AM, President, Asbestos Diseases Society

“Essential reading for everyone who believes in a fair go and justice for asbestos victims and their families”

Karen Banton, widow of asbestos campaigner, Bernie Banton, AO

“Killer Company should become a text book for every school student from Year 10 upwards as a sound life-lesson… Bernie would be up there, looking down, and saying ‘Mate, well done!’”